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Tournament Informations

Submission deadline



On Wednesday 14th of June 2018 for all senior categories (incl. singles and doubles)
Request match schedule on Tuesday 05th July 2018 by phoning 0041 79 275 76 85, or by going to

After these Dates only "Wildcard entries" can be awarded.


Entry Fee for Seniors

For those Players staying at the 5* Tschuggen Grand Hotel or 4* Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran (incl. 1 singles match, Consolation-, 1 doubles or mixed doubles match)        CHF 65.-

Senior tournament players staying elsewhere (incl. 1 singles match, Consolation-, 1 doubles or mixed doubles match) CHF 99.-




Referee / tournament management
Manuel Weiss / Ernst Hefti

Tournament venue / surface
Clay tennis courts /  Arosa Tennis Club courts (Innerarosa) & Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran

Wilson (pressurised ball)

Registration is via this homepage or


Tel: 00-41 79 275 76 85, or go to

Tournament arrangements
You are required obtain the information for your first match yourself at

If a player does not turn up for a match – after the draw has taken place – he/she will be charged the full entry fee, unless he/she is able to produce a doctor's certificate.



  • Play is according to the rules of Swiss Tennis and the “Veterans ITF rules”.
  • All matches are "best of three sets" with a tie-break in all sets, except for categories M 80, 85+, which are "best of three" with a tie-Break (instead of the 3rd set)
  • If it is necessary to play on the indoor courts (due to bad weather), a tie-break (first to 10 points) may be played instead of the third set.
  • A minimum of 8 participants are required in all senior categories. The categories may be merged.
    It is also possible to decide the categories in group matches (Round Robin)
  • Start of the Consolations (Seniors) from Saturday onwards. If individual categories are decided in group matches (round-robin), there is no Consolations.
  • It is also possible to merge categories in these matches.
  • The tournament management is responsible in all cases for deciding how matches are to be held (method of play, merging of categories).
  • Each participant is responsible for arranging his/her own accident and/or sickness insurance, and we decline all liability!
  • The entry fee must be paid at the tournament office (Valsana indoor courts) before the start of the first match. Otherwise there is no automatic right to be allowed to play!


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